Friday, 18 January 2013

What's in my MAC 15 pan palette?

So this is my MAC eyeshadow palette, it has 15 pans and is the old style palette. The ones now you can buy have separate inserts so you can buy them without for other eyeshadow or blush storage or you can put your inserts in them if you like them separated.
Here's the inside;

From left to right top they are called; Mylar, Carbon, Plumage, Contrast, Parfait Amour
From left to right bottom they are called; Fresh Water, Electric Eel, Shimmer Moss, Lucky Green

Here's the swatches of all colours in same order as above, without flash;

Here's the swatches of all colours in same order as above, with flash;

Here's a close up with flash;

I wouldn't say that all of these colours are greatly pigmented, the blues and the green are better but the darker colours aren't very good at all. The Carbon (black) would be okay for maybe smoking along the lashline but Urban Decay's Blackout beats it hands down for pigment. Overall I would skip some of these colours, if you are going to buy any go to the shop/counter and really do test and swatch them, when I bought mine I got them from recommendations and so bought online. Bad idea. If I knew how some of these would of turned out I would of saved my money.

If you really want some nice eyeshadows then do buy Urban Decay as they are so pigmented and they blend really nicely, good value for money even though they are a little expensive it is worth buying those over MAC.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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