Monday, 7 January 2013

Urban Decay make your own 6 pan palette

So this is my Urban Decay palette that is fully customisable. It does come with one colour that you can't choose yourself but happens to be a great blending out or highlight colour called Walk of Shame. They also do a 4 pan palette that comes with Rockstar I think its called which is a beautiful colour but it only comes with the palette.

The 6 pan comes with a mirror in the lid, which I haven't used still has the plastic on! and a small brush to pack on the colour. It is metal and shuts really well so I am happy!

The eyeshadows come in normal pots but when you push on the back they come out and you can put them in this little beauty! Love the idea of this, I obviously keep all my little pots they come out of incase I wanna swap and change or go back to single pots.

The front of the palette

 Inside with flash (sorry wouldn't let me spin it the other way!)
Inside of the palette L-R;
Walk of Shame, Pistol, Blackout
Cobra, Last Call, Psychedelic Sister

 These are the first three on the top row same order as above 
(sorry not in focus didn't realise 'til now, taken with flash).
 Taken with flash the bottom three in same order.
 The top three with no flash
 The bottom three with no flash

Hope that showed you how the palette works and how great it is to be able to interchange your shadows or customise it to your own taste :)

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