Tuesday, 1 January 2013

DIY Ombre Nails

 So I've been seeing pictures of people with the ombre nail effect and some look a little complicated to do so I just grabbed a sponge and some varnish and come up with this!

I used Rimmel double duty base coat on all nails then let them dry. Then I got the tip of my sponge and put some Ted Baker varnish along the edge (doesn't have a name but it was from Boots and came with a glitter, its a gorgeous champagne gold) and then from the tip of my nail just dabbed graduating towards the top. Then with OPI sparke de triomphe (beautiful gold/silver glitter) just added a little to the tip of my nail. Then finally a generous coat of Rimmel top coat. Et voila! Easy ombre nails that took no time at all.

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