Saturday, 12 January 2013

DIY Jewellery Hanger Board, Very Cheap To Do!

My necklaces were all getting in a tangle in my jewellery box which is a stacker (comment if you wanna see a post on it). So getting bored with trying to undo the knots I went and got a corkboard/noticeboard from Tesco and some little plastic hooks and et voila!

So this is a 60 x 40cm board costing around £4ish
I then also got these from Tesco for £2 and you get 20 clips, ideal for necklaces as they aren't chunky, can be removed and you don't see them when they are up. I ended up using a pack and a half.

Heres a picture after, it's on the inside wall of my walk in closet/wardrobe, it still needs organising but I love it, I can see what I have and theres no tangles!

Hope you like it!

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