Friday, 9 September 2011

MUA make up at superdrug only £1 each!

I thought I'd review these today for you, they are the eyeshadows from superdrugs MUA range and are only a bargain £1 each! They are also so heavily pigmented that they are rivalling other high end eyeshadows. I have 6 in total and the consistency of these are soo good, they are really smooth to go on and they last for ages!

Here they are;

And here are the swatches!

From bottom to top they are called
shade 9, shade 5, shade 8, shade 7, shade 14, shade 12 and I think they are all classed as a pearl kinda texture/look, ther not sparkly but do have a pearl like sheen. Check out that purple at the bottom! Amazing!

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Sleek Make Up Primer Palette 600

So a couple of weeks ago I got the sleek makeup primer palette and I thought I'd now do a review as I've used it a couple of times. I bought it from superdrug for around £6 (ish) and it has 12 colours. This thing is fabulous, it provides a great colour base and holding power for eyeshadows or you can use it as liner, or a cream eyeshadow. I will be checking out more of sleek's make up as it is just great value for money.

On with the pictures!

this is the outer case, its a hard plastic snap shut lid

Here are all the colours! They don't look very vibrant but they are beautiful, look at the swatches!

These swatches were taken in artificial light but if you go down to your local superdrug and see, you won't be disappointed by the colours. I don't know the names of these as Sleek doesn't name them all on the back or anything but it's easy enough to get over that.

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Urban Decay Naked Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is sold through a few department stores, I got mine from Debenhams for just under £30 in the discount offer they had. It comes with a travel sized eye primer potion and a eyeshadow brush which is good for packing on colour.

Here is what it looks like...

I don't know why it decided to turn on the side but thats the front. It's a material type feel outer packaging with the rest being cardboard.

Here is the brush...(upside down!)

And finally the lovely, lovely, lovely shadows...(above, again upside down!) has a small mirror in there too which I haven't used and a space for the brush but I took that out as it fell out anyway.

The colours are really beautifully pigmented and you have a mixture of matte, frost, metallic, shimmer textures.
Now I know these are meant to be the everyday nude palette but you can really vamp it up with these colours too, it is a really worth while buy, I bought mine and after a couple of weeks playing with it I am totally in love with it, glad I bought it, so glad!
I'll post some swatches for you too...
Now on the picture, they don't look that jazzy but seriously these are so beautiful and the picture doesn't do them justice, I've done them in order of the palette. I do think that this would suit alot of skin tones, I'm quite a light skin tone and I've used these colours on a medium skin tone which looked beautiful.

So is this really a must have? Yep!
Would I buy again? Definetly!

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What is this about?

And to start off my first ever blog, I'm just gonna write what it shall be about.
I'm from the UK, England to be precise and I love reading reviews and looking at swatches of new make up and things. Now when I google stuff most of the time its american which is great but a total bummer when you're from England and can't buy the damn thing. I guess the same for other people not from the UK. So I created this for everyone really who just wants to know a little something about a product before buying it, if I have it I'll swatch it and review it! Simples! So any requests welcome and I'll try do a review or something,