Sunday, 30 December 2012

Revlon Lip Butters!

This is a little review on Revlon lip butters. I only have two colours but I am really impressed with the texture, colour and that at Boots you can get them on a good deal. I am going to look at getting some different colours. The two I have are Peach Parfait and Cotton Candy.

This is the outer casing, there are two plain sides (shown on the right) and two patterned sides (on the left picture). They close quite tight too so no just coming off in your makeup bag.

The left one is Peach Parfait and the right one is Cotton Candy. Taken without flash. They are really smooth and the one on the left is a beautiful shade of coral with shimmer, I'm quite pale and it looks fine on me, not orange-y! The right one is Cotton Candy and is a pretty pink shade with less shimmer. This is just one swipe of the lip butter so definitely buildable.

This is taken with flash, colours as above.

So there ya go! I'm quite impressed with these and shall be reviewing some revlon lip stains and glosses soon!

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